Tryout dates- if you know of someone interested please send the dates below to them also and then they should also email me(,etc. Some athletes crossing over will be asked to come multiple dates,etc Age for tryouts is the athletes age as of August 31st, 2015. ***Note - we will be going to a few less away trips which will reduce travel and competition fees!
May 18 ages 11 and under- 6PM- 8:30PM
may 19th ages 12 to 14- 6PM- 8:30PM
May 20th- ages 15-18- 6PM- 8:30PM
May 21st- level 5- all ages! (junior 5/restricted 5/senior 5/I5,etc,etc) 6pm-9pm
placement meeting - may 27th-6PM GO JAGS!!!

Our teams include;
Tiny Level 1
Mini Level 1
Youth Level 2
Youth Level 4
Junior Level 2
Junior Level 3
Junior Level 4
Senior Level 3
Senior Level 4.2
Senior Coed Level 4
Senior Coed Restricted Level 5
Small Senior Level 5
International Coed Level 5

State All Stars is very proud of our new nearly 10,000 square foot gym! This amazing facility has; two tumble traks (20 and 30 foot long), a 12 foot by 42 foot spring tumble strip, an 8 foot by 14 foot trampoline, 2 huge parent viewing areas, an athlete area (Jaguar Den), 2 sound systems, and TWO HUGE 54 FOOT BY 42 FOOT SPRING FLOORS (BIG RED AND BIG BLUE)!!! There are pictures of the gym - click on the Facility link on the left hand side menu. Go State!!!

State All Stars coming together to support one of our family. We love you Donna!!! State All Stars in PINK!

State Pink Out '12-'13

State All Star Alumni Page

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The State All Star Community Service page. Listing the community service activities of our program can be found at: State All Star Community Service. Thanks to all of our cheerleaders, parents and families who support these efforts!

A parent testimonials page can be found at: State All Star Parent Testimonials. Thanks to all of our parents and families who support our hard working cheerleaders!

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